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What inspire you to become an Entrepreneur: stories from Nepali Entrepreneurs?

I always love to hear stories and Dream big. Mostly nowadays I enjoy hearing stories of startups, Entrepreneurs and how they are giving their best for their innovative ideas to make into reality. Determining the circumstances how developing country like Nepal is progressing on its Entrepreneurial path. Despite of current big thrive in Nepal was

Successful Leader

7 habits of successful Leader

Nobody is fortunate. Circumstances, hard work and determination is what makes an individual success. Forming good habit and leading the crowd need an attitude and courage to attain. Leadership is not what people born with, this is taught in the time of life span during undergoing of his work environments and lesson from work practice.


It Is Never Late To Start

Nothing steals the fun out of you, it’s always a great experience when you are starting something new. Jack Dorsey, Co-founder of Twitter and Square Describes: Startup approach to building a life: Start with an idea, Work over your entire career to adapt it, into something remarkable. Its always a great, when you are starting

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