Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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How to Build a Personal Brand?

Personal Brand
All people with business mind is stucked with a common question, How to build a Personal Brand? ( Video On How to Build Personal Branding?) Lets get to know a personal Brand First. Personal branding is the process of marketing where people use self marketing techniques...

5 Business That will make You Extra Dollar for this Holiday

5 Business That will make You Extra Dollar for this Holiday
Holidays are nearing and you don’t have enough money for your well to spent on holidays. Don’t ruin your holiday being pessimistic or try borrowing money. You will end up broke seeing your holiday expenses and will have hard time paying it back in...

7 Habits of Successful Leaders

Successful Leader
Nobody is fortunate. Circumstances, hard work and determination is what makes an individual success. Forming good habit and leading the crowd need an attitude and courage to attain. Leadership is not what people born with, this is taught in the time of life span...

10 surprising fact about Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Donald John Trump, It is the name we all have heard nowadays timely and continuously. And now he is elected as 45th president of United State of America. We all know his as his controversial characteristics. He is mainly famous of his indigenous and...

A single line of My favorite Motivation

Motivation Quote
Motivation simply means working on something in particular way in order to achieve success. Motivation is not the only thing that drives you towards your goal. You also need to have strong inspiration toward work. Motivation is just a key to inspire someone to...

13 Habits to Practice to Increase Productivity

increase productivity
Do you find yourself boring and unpleasant? Unsocial and lack of energy to perform. You are putting yourself to drought of smartness and hardworking. Then this is you syndrome of downfall. Think once, think twice and make a decision to stand out of unproductive...